A history of resilience and responsiveness

From a humble start as a sawmill in the 1990s, LHN Group has evolved to a multidisciplinary company with proven track records in providing high-quality customised real estate management, facilities management and logistics management services to businesses at all scales and from all sectors.


LHN Group began in a sawmill factory with its main business of timber trading. When the business began to enter fallow times in the early 2000s, timber factories were converted to warehouses and manufacturing spaces to lease out to industrial clients.

The Formation of Space Optimisation Business

LHN Group switched its focus to property leasing business in 2001. Armed with knowledge and expertise in Space Optimisation, the Group has been able to expand its property portfolio through subleasing model. The Group enters into master lease agreements with landlords, then redesigns and repurposes the properties to maximise their leasable area and rental yield.


In 2003, Logistics Management Services business was formed to provide logistics solutions to industrial tenants and business partners.

To supplement the Space Optimisation core business, Facilities Management Services business was formed in 2009 to provide additions & alterations (A&A) works, cleaning and electrical services for properties managed by the Group.

The Formation of Space Concepts and Expansion to Overseas

In 2012, The Group began to offer readily furnished spaces with value-added services tailored to space users’ business nature, needs and requirements. The Group also expanded its operation to growing markets in the Southeast Asian region and North Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Thailand and China.

Over 30 Years of Quality and Excellence

Being listed on both the Catalist board of SGX-ST and the main board of the HKSE is a testament to the quality and strength of our company. We will continue to work hard to bring our strategic business initiatives into fruition, hence achieving a sustainable growth for our Group’s business and delivering greater value to all our stakeholders.