About LHN Limited

With a history dating back to 1991, we are a real estate management services group with the distinguishing ability to generate value for our landlords and tenants through our expertise in space optimisation. We also provide complete facilities management and logistics services, which serve to complement our space optimisation business.

Space Optimisation Business

We focus on creating productive environments for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) & born-global companies. Taking old, unused and under-utilised industrial, commercial and residential properties, we enhance and transform them into thoughtfully designed and highly usable space. In addition, our vast experience at managing a diverse range of properties has shaped us to be well-versed in the art of applying our space optimisation expertise to any space. As such, spaces leased out by us are carefully planned and developed to maximise value for tenants. We currently manage 33 industrial, commercial and residential properties in Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar with a total net lettable area (NLA) of over 3.807 million square feet.

In 2012, we noted that there was a rising demand of readily furnished commercial spaces that the tenants may move in and start work immediately. In response to such demand, we launched our GreenHub brand of suited offices to provide suited offices to SMEs in Singapore. Currently, we manage four GreenHub suited offices in Singapore and in 2014, as part of our strategic plan to expand our business in Southeast Asia, we began to provide our GreenHub brand of suited offices in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the same year, we also incorporated GH Yangon with the strategic intent to expand such services into Myanmar.

With our operating experience in Jakarta, we believe the business environment calls for a co-working space or a co-working and co-living space to capture the opportunities especially with higher mobility of business operators particularly for entrepreneurs and younger generation. For more information about GreenHub Suited Office, please visit www.GreenHub.com.

Facilities Management Business

Our facilities management business provides property related services to our properties and our customers in Singapore. We offer three main areas of services, namely, comprehensive cleaning and related services, car park management services and security services. We believe the suite of services in the facilities management business compliments each other, and also strengthens our space optimisation business as we can stay current with the market for our services.

We currently do not have facilities management business outside of Singapore except the management of a carpark in Hong Kong, which commenced on 29 May 2017. We will continue to expand our current facilities management business by continuing to secure car park management contracts, provide integrated facilities management services to private and government buildings, and provide security services in the jurisdictions we are operating in.

Logistics Management Business

In 2003, as part of the Company’s expansion strategy, we branched into providing logistics solutions to our business partners. Currently, we provide transportation services in Singapore, container depot management service in Singapore and Laem Chabang, Thailand.

Transportation services:

We have a fleet of prime movers, road tankers and trailers, transporting mainly ISO tanks, containers, base oil and bitumen between ports, bulk liquid loading terminals and other locations around Singapore for our clients. We primarily transport for oil majors, overseas ISO tank operators, freight forwarders and chemical traders.

Container depot management services:

We offer a wide range of services, from container storage, container surveying, container cleaning, and container repair and maintenance services. We principally service major shipping lines and container leasing companies. In Singapore, we provide container depot management services to a container depot. At the same time, we provide container depot services to the end-customers of the container depot on behalf of the operator.

In 2015, we opened our first overseas container depot in Laem Chabang, Thailand, and we provide the same services to our customer in Thailand.